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Seth Munich

Published on August 5, 2022

I went to a small neighborhood bar in the afternoon when it wasnt that crowded. I sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. The bartender was this sexy man with a shaved head, a slim body and I could see lots of hair and tattoos crawling out from underneath his shirt. I was immediately struck by his sexual energy. He had a mask on and all I could see of his face were these big beautiful eyes that looked at me so intensely. I wondered if he had the power to see through my clothes. There was something about him that was very familiar. Had we met before? I kept staring at him as I sipped my drink trying to figure it out. He wandered back over to me to see if I need my drink refreshed and I took the opportunity to chat him up. You seem really familiar to me. Have we met? I dont think so. And he pulled down his mask to show me the rest of his face. He had a dark scruff and a big porn mustache and a nose ring. He was very sexy in an edgy way. He looked so familiar Then it came to me I knew where Id seen him. Id seen him on the back of a four wheeler, with his pants pulled down getting pounded out by a giant of a man in a porno. He had a beard and a full head of hair in the video and not as many tattoos, but it was definitely the same guy. Youre so familiar, I repeated, are you an actor? He smiled a devilish smile. No but I have dabbled in some filmmaking. Really?I said, playing dumb. Anything I might have seen you in? I dont know, He answered, Do you watch much gay porn? Not really, I answered Im too busy making gay porn to watch it. Then I grinned and he knew exactly where I was going with this. What kind of porn do you make? He asked me. Just amateur stuff. I replied. Well Ive always liked supporting independent film makers, he said with a wink. He told me he was working late that night, but hed be really horny when he woke up in the morning and I should come over around 11 with my camera. He gave me his address and the next morning I knocked on his door. He brought me into his well lit room with the morning light streaming through the windows and we had some great morning sex. I will definitely need to go another round with this sexy beast as soon as possible. #white #hairy #otter #tats #oral #anal #bareback #breed #cum #mustache #noblur #closeup


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