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Tyler Reed

Published on October 21, 2020

Hanging out one afternoon Andy West was in heat when he saw his buddies muscles stick out from his tight shirt and he just knew he had to worship them. Ennio Guardi could tell his was gonna get some ass too so he let Andy do his thing and take off his shirt only to start oiling up his massive muscled young body only to get him to his knees to start cock sucking him to get him ready to fuck. Ennio didn't waste much time getting his uncut cock into Andy's hole bareback and just made him his bitch boy. Andy was not complaining and just let Ennio own his ass and bareback it however it wanted it. His holes were there to please Ennio and that is all he wanted!

This video was uploaded by an independent producer. Due to the nature of amateur content, it may exhibit suboptimal characteristics. Amateur content is fresh and fun, but please appreciate it for what it is.


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