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A Full Day: Part 1


Eric Videos

Published on October 9, 2018

On his way back from a late nite party, Tahar sees Philippe cruising him as he passes by. Both of these guys are instantly hot for each other and decide to hang out alongside the river to catch mornings first light. As their mutual attraction grows they begin to look for a place to fuck. Philippe invites Tahar back to his apartment, but they are so horny now, they only make it a block or so before their hormones get the better of them. They duck into a secluded spot down by the waterfront to fuck. Tahar fucks Philippe with his big Arab cock and then unloads a thick and juicy load of cum down Philippes' throat...But, these two are still horned up and ready for more sex, so don't forget to catch round 2 of these hot studs in action.


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