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Join the fan porn revolution!

Over the past decade, the entire porn industry has been under attack by tube sites and piracy. And that trickled down to the performers, who struggled to make ends meet.

The fantastic news is that times are a-changin'. There is a new revolution afoot, with models and budding producers directly marketing their content to fans. Independent producers can now makes tens of thousands of dollars per month! Yes, real money.

Raw Fuck Club, powered by PPVNetworks technology, has taken the next giant leap in fan-based content by building the first network of independently produced content. Fans can now get what they want, the ability to browse and follow as much content as they want.. And independent producers can make much more money. Its a win-win!


I am a

Note: Model/Producers produce content and may additionally have traffic and/or social media presence. Affiliates do not produce content but have traffic and/or social media presence.


Make ridiculous money!

  • Apply. Create a channel. Upload videos.
  • Earn 80% of revenues from fans you refer watching your videos! $10 or more per month per fan you signup (50% of signup) plus 30% of streaming and downloads.
  • Earn 30% of streams and downloads, from all members of Raw Fuck Club that follow your channel! Basically, you're featured and compensated like any other big-time studio producer, on a top high-traffic site!
  • Get free exposure, and revenue, from thousands of RFC users browsing your channel!
  • Benefit from RFC's huge marketing machine, such as hundreds of ads on Pornhub, ads on Google, hundreds of thousands of followers across many Twitter accounts, over a million emails sent per month, and much more.
  • More features and capabilities than OF/JFF/4MF. Better user experience.
  • We are not a tube site. We give money to producers, we don't steal it from them!

Channels owners receive an equivalent of 50% affiliate referral share of membership signups, less processing fees. Additionally, channel owners receive their share of 30% of total membership revenues as calculated by the ratio of channel's video minutes viewed to total minutes viewed on site.



RFC has again innovated to improve the monetization of content for the Independent Producer and Model community! Our updated payment system automatically equalizes and distributes streaming and download revenues to models. For example, if a video is uploaded featuring 3 models, the revenues will automatically be divvied up and paid to models. In situations where the uploader is providing additional value, he is additionally compensated.

Note: JFF recently added a similar feature, but theirs only applies to downloads, which is a small portion of revenues.

Additionally, rewards are built into the system. Videos with more performers receive additional revenue share, up to 50%. We boost these payouts in an effort to "equalize" expected earnings for all models, regardless of cast size..

Models who appear in videos on RFC and wish to be fairly compensated can register as an Independent Producer and provide basic information and payment details, etc. Managing a channel on RFC is not required to register and receive compensation, although it is encouraged to synergistics benefit the entire community. Populating your channel with information like your Twitter, avatar, photos, stats, etc. can also greatly improve your exposure.



Forgot username and/or password.

Go here to recover your account details.

How do I change my email address, credit card, or password?

Simply login, click the green/yellow/red icon at the top right, and click My Email, My Credit Card or My Password.

I signed up but haven't received a confirmation email. Or I attempted to recover my username or password and haven't received an email.

Check your SPAM or Bulk mail folder. If there's nothing there, wait an hour and check again. If still no love, try contacting us by clicking Contact from the main menu, give us an alternate email address from a different mail provider and we'll figure it out.

How do I get started?

You need to have a free RFC account to submit a Model/Producer Application. So, create a free account first. No CC; just your username, password and email. Then click the Make Money link in your account menu, click the Model/Producer option button and follow the instructions to complete your application. Be careful not to submit an Affiliate application ;) You'll be quickly approved and ready to start making money! A Model/Producer control panel will be available in your RFC account to access your Channel settings, where you customize your channel and upload videos, run reports, etc. Email damian@videoapp.net if you have any questions regarding your application.

How do I upload videos?

Login to your RFC account, and click the Videos from your My Channel menu. Our system can handle files up to many gigabytes in size, and is smart enough to automatically retry if connection is lost, etc. It's extremely simple, reliable and fast.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Initially, contact damian@ppvnetworks.com. You may subsequently be assigned an account manager but Damian will help you get started.

How often do I get paid?

Model/Producers and Affiliates are paid every two weeks. Payment periods are the 1st thru 15th and 16th thru end of month. Payments are processed up to 5 business days after the close of each payment period, so expect to receive payment on or before the 5th and 20th of each month.

What payment methods are available?

Our supported payment methods are direct deposit (ACH) for US accounts and PayPal for non-US accounts. If you are a non-US producer and have access to an ACH account owned by a non-US entity, ie. easily accessible in Canada or internationally using services like TransferWise, you can permitted to enter this information. We do not support CashApp, Venmo, Paxum or any other money exchange platforms other than PayPal at this time.

All revenues are earned in and payments made in US dollars ($). Depending on the currency of your account, you may see your payments converted to your native currency.

I see that I'm on RFC as a model uploaded by someone else. How can I make money from this? How do I setup a channel?

All models on RFC get model pages, so that users can follow the model, get notified when new videos are added with the model, see all the videos the model is in, etc.

In order to get paid for a video, you either can have an agreement with the independent producer that uploaded the video; ie. some pay a lump sum, etc. Or, the better way is to become an independent producer yourself with your own channel! The process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Even if you don't upload videos, you can still make money from other videos you're in. And of course you can upload videos too. RFC automatically shares the revenues with you! 

RFC allows the uploader to choose whether or not to share the revenues earned from the video with the other models. The default is YES. You can check the status of revenue sharing for any video (that you're in) in the My Videos section. Videos that you are receiving a share from will have a gold "$" next to the title. Videos that were uploaded prior to you creating your channel may not include you. You should contact us and/or the uploaders to update that. However, all future videos that you're where the uploaded opted to share revenues will automatically share with you.

We cannot go back in time and retroactively pay models for videos uploaded in the past. However, we can work with you to compensate for lost time by weighting your revenue share of future videos, doing additional promotions of your content to our users, etc.

Can two models upload the same video?

No. This creates mess and confusion for users. However, unlike other fan platforms, we allow sharing of revenues for multiple models in the video, for both streaming and downloads. The Model/Producer that uploads the video should leave the default option to Share Revenues with all models, otherwise all revenues will go to the uploader. Models can check their My Videos section to make sure revenues are being properly shared. Duplicate video uploads will be rejected by our content management team. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about revenue sharing or anything else.

How do I setup a channel?

Once you are approved as a Model/Producer, you will have access to a Model/Producer control panel in your RFC account which provides many functions for setting up and configuring your channel, including but not limited to uploading avatars, customizing channel text and graphics, managing videos, configuring payment options, running reports, linking your Twitter account and promotional tools and much more.

How do Model/Producers get paid?

Model/Producers get paid through two mechanisms:

  • Fan Signups
  • Streaming and Downloads

Fan Signups

RFC has comprehensive mechanisms to reward Channel operators for attracting users (and compelling them to signup). For every fan (aka member) that you sign up, you earn a 50% revenue share of their initial and recurring memberships fees for the lifetime of their subscription (ie. until they cancel or they are terminated for non-payment).

You get credited for a signup if:

  • User clicks your Channel Referral link (on Twitter or anywhere you put it) and joins before clicking another referral link (ie. from an affiliate banner ad or another Indie's twitter page). In other words, the last referral link before the join is linked to the user. This is how most affiliate programs work.
  • Example of a Channel Referral link:
  • https://www.rawfuckclub.com/owenhawkxxx?afid=IP0002
  • User arrives at your channel through any means, link, type in, etc. without having visited any other page of RFC within the past 2 weeks, and joins. This additional mechanism allows you to additionally claim a user even if they didn't click a referral link, but they typed in or otherwise clicked a link with your Channel link in it. (ie. they wrote it down or used their high IQ to type it in directly or clicked some 3rd party link to your channel that didn't include your affiliate ID).
  • Example of a Channel link:
  • https://www.rawfuckclub.com/alessiovegaxxx

Streaming and Downloads

For streaming, channel owners receive a proportional share of 30% of total membership revenues as calculated by the ratio of their channel's uploaded videos' viewed minutes versus total minutes viewed on site.

For downloads, channel owners receive 60% of the purchase price of the download.

Signup / Referral Bonus

As an incentive for producers to become part of the RFC Channels family, we are offering up to a $500 signup bonus. If you were referred to RFC from an active producer, that producer would be entitled to a referral bonus, otherwise, if you sought us our yourself with no referral, the producer signing up may be entitled to a bonus.

In order to qualify for the bonus, the following conditions must be met:

1. producer must be approved by RFC Channels

2. producer must upload a minimum of 5 qualifying videos*

3. producer must link their Twitter account

4. producer must provide a custodian of records where 2257 documentation is held and a sample model release form

The bonus amount ranges anywhere from $50 to $500, and is determined by RFC Channels based on many criteria including but not limited to suitability of content for our audience, library of work (quantity of videos), age of library, production quality, technical quality, average runtime of videos, current production throughput (how many videos are you currently making per month) and number of Twitter followers.

After you or the channel you referred has uploaded the first batch of videos (minimum 5), we will do our review.

What are qualifying videos?

To be qualified for use on RFC Channels, videos must meet these requirements:

  • must be 5 minutes or longer in length
  • 16:9 720P (HD landscape) or greater source
  • free of watermarks with exception of @Twitter mentions
  • video must be encodable (ie. free or errors preventing its use)
  • 2257 documentation including date of production and complete list of models with model releases allowing use on RFC Channels and its network of sites, and government ID showing proof of age
  • breakdown of revenue distribution to models, to be paid by RFC Channels, signed by all models (including those who receive 0% or 100%). if you are collecting and distributing revenues, that should be disclosed.
  • video must include 2 or more performers and show anal pentration
  • video must be bareback and condom-free
  • video, including but not limited to videographic production and technical details, must be approved by RFC Channels
What are the system requirements? (aka supported devices, OSes, and browsers)

Supported devices include PC's running Windows 10, Macs running MacOS 10.14 or newer, iPhone/iPads running iOS 10.3.4 or newer, and Android devices running Android 10.3.4 or newer. Devices more than 5 years old, even with a supported OS, may have performance issues that can cause poor playback.
Supported browsers include the browser that came with your device, including and additionally, Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox. Other browsers may work but aren't supported. 

I uploaded videos to my channel. When will they be available?

Unlike OF/JFF, this site presents videos from a multitude of producers within a single user experience to a very large and diverse base of customers. We have a content review process and much more metadata, like previews, screenshots, categories, channels, model listings, revenue distribution, etc. Our content managers release your content on a schedule that they determine to maximize the exposure and revenue from your content, while also providing a diverse offering to our customers. The more content you upload, the more frequently your content will be released. Do not wait for videos to go up before uploading more as that will have the opposite effect.

What is a Referral link?

A Referral link is a web URL that Model/Producers and/or Affiliates can post to redirect users to RFC. The Promotion tools provide various links to different places of the site, such as the homepage, a channel page or a particular video; these links are use depending on the context of the referral. Ie. if you're promoting a particular video, you may want to link to the video directly, whereas a generic brand referral would redirect to the homepage. A Model/Producer will likely want to redirect their fans directly to their channel page.

Referral links can be posted to redirect traffic from any HTML-editable source or platform that allows for links. Ie. Twitter automatically accepts URLs as links. Whereas if you run your own website or blog, you can put the URLs in your code. Ie. an A HREF tag. However, most modern systems are much more sophisticated at handling links.

How do I access my Model/Producer Control Panel?

When you are logged into your account, click the yellow or green My Account icon at the top-right of the screen. A menu will appear with account functions and channel functions. 

The Channel functions include:

  • Setup
  • Promote
  • Reports
  • Payment
  • My Videos
  • Broadcast
What are the different reports I can run?

Model/Producers have 4 reports and Affiliates have 2 reports available.


  • Daily Summary
  • Streaming
  • Downloads
  • Signups


  • Daily Summary
  • Signups
What do the terms Net, Joins, Signups, Rebills, Clicks, Ratio, $/Click, $/Join mean in the reports?

These are common terms in the realm of affiliate marketing. They will be more common to affiliates than Model/Producers, but both should understand them, especially since Model/Producers are now marketers in the age of social media.

Here's a brief description of the terms:

  • Net. This is the amount you earned after any, if applicable, deductions or sharing.
  • Joins. Aka Signups or Conversions. This is the act of a member signing up and adding a paid plan.
  • Rebills. Aka Renewals or Recurring transactions. This is when a member's plan renews at the end of the plan period, either month, or every 3 months or 6 months.
  • Clicks. This is when a user physically clicks one of your referral links. Ie. on your twitter page or wherever.
  • Ratio. Aka converstion ratio. This is the ratio of signups to clicks. Ie. 1:100 means that for every 100 clicks, a member signed up. 
  • $/Click. This expresses how much money was made for each click of your links. 
  • $/Join. This expresses how much money you made for each signup. In the context of the reports, this is an average for the time period. Ie. the Signups report shows these values for each day in a date range.
Can I upload my videos to RFC if they are already on Just4Fans or Onlyfans?

Absolutely, as long as you don't have an exclusivity agreement with an entity, such as a site or model, with respect to a particular video or all videos you produce, that precludes you from working with us. If you're content is a good fit for RFC, we'd love to work with you! 

I uploaded a video and it says "posted to channel only" and is not visible on the home page. Is there a reason for this?

Content managers review all uploads and determine how they are presented to users on RFC. Content is promoted in a variety of different ways, including but not limited to, availability in different areas of the site (homepage, theme channels, seatch, etc), email marketing, email notifications, and twitter notifications (posts, retweets). 

How long should videos be?

15-20 minute videos are likely the optimal balance of exposure and length. The more videos you have, the more likely they are to be clicked..And the longer they are, the more minutes they'll be viewed. Total minutes viewed is the key to earning money!

What currency does the site use?

All purchases made by customers, and payments to affiliates and producers, are in US Dollars ($). Conversion rates by your bank or payment platform may apply.