Join the fan porn revolution!

Over the past decade, the entire porn industry has been under attack by tube sites and piracy. And that trickled down to the performers, who struggled to make ends meet.

The fantastic news is that times are a-changin'. There is a new revolution afoot, with pornstars and budding producers directly marketing their content to fans. Independent producers can now makes tens of thousands of dollars per month! Yes, real money.

Raw Fuck Club, powered by PPVNetworks technology, has taken the next giant leap in fan-based content by building the first network of independently produced content. Fans can now get what they want, the ability to browse and follow as much content as they want.. And independent producers can make much more money. Its a win-win!

Make ridiculous money!

  • Apply. Create a channel. Upload videos.
  • Earn 80% of revenues from fans you refer watching your videos! $10 or more per month per fan you signup (50% of signup) plus 30% of streaming and downloads.
  • Earn 30% of streams and downloads, from all members of Raw Fuck Club that follow your channel! Basically, you're featured and compensated like any other big-time studio producer, on a top high-traffic site!
  • Get free exposure, and revenue, from thousands of RFC users browsing your channel!
  • Benefit from RFC's huge marketing machine, such as hundreds of ads on Pornhub, ads on Google, hundreds of thousands of followers across many Twitter accounts, over a million emails sent per month, and much more.
  • More features and capabilities than OF/JFF/4MF. Better user experience.
  • We are not a tube site. We give money to producers, we don't steal it from them!

Channels owners receive an equivalent of 50% affiliate referral share of membership signups, less processing fees. Additionally, channel owners receive their share of 30% of total membership revenues as calculated by the ratio of channel's video minutes viewed to total minutes viewed on site.


RFC has again innovated to improve the monetization of content for the Independent Producer and Model community! Our updated payment system automatically equalizes and distributes streaming and download revenues to models. For example, if a video is uploaded featuring 3 models, the revenues will automatically be divvied up and paid to models. In situations where the uploader is providing additional value, he is additionally compensated.

Note: JFF recently added a similar feature, but theirs only applies to downloads, which is a small portion of revenues.

Additionally, rewards are built into the system. Videos with more performers receive additional revenue share, up to 50%. We boost these payouts in an effort to "equalize" expected earnings for all models, regardless of cast size..

Models who appear in videos on RFC and wish to be fairly compensated can register as an Independent Producer and provide basic information and payment details, etc. Managing a channel on RFC is not required to register and receive compensation, although it is encouraged to synergistics benefit the entire community. Populating your channel with information like your Twitter, avatar, photos, stats, etc. can also greatly improve your exposure.


RFC will prepay up to $100 per video, subject to approval. This is a quick way to get a cash infusion. Restrictions apply.


If you refer a new producer to us and they create a channel and upload videos, we'll give you a $500 referral bonus. Restrictions apply.

Independent Producer FAQ

How do I get started?

You need to have a free RFC account to access your My Channel control panel, where you customize your channel and upload videos, etc. So, create a free account first. No CC, nothing of the sort, required. Then click the Make Money link in your account menu and complete an Independent Producer Application. Within 24 hours you'll be approved and ready to start making money!

How do I upload videos?

Login to your RFC account, and click the Videos from your My Channel menu. Our system can handle files up to many gigabytes in size, and is smart enough to automatically retry if connection is lost, etc. It's extremely simple, reliable and fast.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Initially, contact You may subsequently be assigned an account manager but Damian will help you get started. Cell: 917-319-3149. Skype: damian.j.todaro

How often do I get paid?

Payouts can be made with PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. Payouts appear from "RFC Channels."

What payment methods do you offer?

Every two weeks via payment method of your choice.

How do Channels get paid?

Channel get paid through two mechanisms:

  • Fan Signups
  • Streaming and Downloads

Fan Signups

RFC has comprehensive mechanisms to reward Channel operators for attracting users (and compelling them to signup). For every fan (aka member) that you sign up, you earn a 50% revenue share of their initial and recurring memberships fees for the lifetime of their subscription (ie. until they cancel or they are terminated for non-payment).

You get credited for a signup if:

  • User clicks your Channel Referral link (on Twitter or anywhere you put it) and joins before clicking another referral link (ie. from an affiliate banner ad or another Indie's twitter page). In other words, the last referral link before the join is linked to the user. This is how most affiliate programs work.

    Example of a Channel Referral link:

  • User arrives at your channel through any means, link, type in, etc. without having visited any other page of RFC within the past 2 weeks, and joins. This additional mechanism allows you to additionally claim a user even if they didn't click a referral link, but they typed in or otherwise clicked a link with your Channel link in it. (ie. they wrote it down or used their high IQ to type it in directly or clicked some 3rd party link to your channel that didn't include your affiliate ID).

    Example of a Channel link:

Streaming and Downloads

For streaming, channel owners receive a proportional share of 30% of total membership revenues as calculated by the ratio of their channel's uploaded videos' viewed minutes versus total minutes viewed on site.

For downloads, channel owners receive 70% of the purchase price of the download.