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Atlanta Trilogy Part 1


Collin And Josh

Published on November 6, 2021

Have you ever had a boner on a plane? We have! Our trip to Atlanta had started off just like that with boners on a plane. We had to tuck our dicks up and sideways just before we moved to grab our carry-ons and we had to hold our backpacks in front of our pants in order to cover our other packages Luckily we got off the jet bridge and they were going down enough for us not to feel awkward in public. We were walking through the airport and heard a familiar, Collin! Josh! We quickly turned around and saw our friend Ian waving and coming up to say hello. As we hugged each other, we started briefly chatting and walking the same way out of the airport. On our way to baggage claim, Ian pointed out a wet spot on Joshs shorts Busted! See, Josh always precums SO much and neither of us had put on underwear for our travels. So we explained the funny scenario to Ian and to our surprise, he had just had a similar experience, except was lucky to not leave any cum-staines. We were then talking about where we were both staying in Atlanta and Ian had planned to meet some old friends nearby where we were staying, so we offered him to join us for a short while to kill some time before he met up with his friends. He was all aboard! We had a quick trip back to our place in a private car to avoid showing off Joshs cum-stained shorts anymore. When we arrived, Ian noticed we both had boners again from the car ride and quickly offered to service the gents that were offering him a place to hang to pass the time by. The answer was a unanimous Hell Yeah! But servicing turned into fucking 1 on 1, spit roasting, and Collin even got put in the middle of a train for his FIRST TIME! *This 30min video full of blowing, 1 on 1s, flip fucking, spit roasting, and Collins FIRST TIME


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