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The Getaway


Collin And Josh

Published on November 10, 2021

*Featuring The HunkyMonkeys (@slcchunkymonkeys): HunkyMonkey Josh & HunkyMonkey Brayden * My Josh and I took a trip out to Salt Lake City to go Skiing and Snowboarding for our anniversary. Lucky for us, our friends Josh and Brayden happily let us stay with them to help with costs for our trip. They were even kind enough to take us to and from the mountains. It was perfectly sunny (we actually got a little sunburnt) and it was a slow day on the mountains, so we often had the lifts to ourselves when we were going up the mountains each time. The views were breathtaking and on the lift was the perfect opportunity to enjoy the view and unzip our ski pants for a little skiing on the lifts. Josh was the first brave one who got in my pants and started stroking my cock while riding up the lift. I noticed his hard cock through his snow pants, so I happily pulled his dick out and stroked too. We did this countless times when we went up the lifts, almost making me cum once! When the boys picked us up, we were SO horny from the adrenaline pumping through our veins and stroking our cocks all day. We arrived back at their place and immediately stripped down out of the snowsuits to our jocks. Of course, we had quite the bulges from all the days activities and it definitely caught the boys eyes. Brayden and Josh got us some aloe for the sunburns and slowly rubbed it on us, which sent chills down our spines and quickly turned those bulges into raging hard boners. I could keep talking about what happened next or you could just watch the video to see the amazing sex-capade that followed.



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