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Derek Kage and Josh Moore Flip Fuck


Derek Kage

Posted on February 18, 2023

This man needs absolutely no introduction. Arguably the most beautiful, sexy, and stunning man to come out of the UK in recent years has to be Josh Moore. What does this man not have? He has a gorgeous face, a perfect smile, a body carved from marble, a 9 inch uncut cock, and an ass that you can eat for days. I don't usually get very star-struck, but the excitement I had at the idea of getting to enjoy every inch of Josh was palpable!I took the London Underground to his place in London and it was snowing like crazy. His place is a bit of a walk from the tube station so I was practically an ice cube by the time I got to his front door. This Adonis of a man opened the door with his bright smile and piercing blue eyes pointing straight at me. We are almost the same height, but he is just slightly taller"an imposing figure to anyone in his presence, I'm sure. He gave me a massive hug and the warmth of his body felt incredible against me. His muscles were big and tight and I felt the weight of his cock press up against my hips too. He led me upstairs to his apartment and I watched his muscular ass ripple in front of me with each step he took. He was already wearing a classic, white jockstrap that I could see poking through his shorts as he walked up the stairs. You know that ever-so-slight line of skin that shows between the jockstrap and shorts? That was what was staring me in the face with just a bit of his ass peeking through as well. I was almost instantly warmed up at the sight of that line and the line of his ass cheeks"at least I felt warmth in my loins as I was anticipating getting inside of that beautiful ass. I knew I was in for a treat as we walked into his apartment and saw the gigantic couch open and waiting for us to get down to business. I stripped down completely and sat on the couch with a huge smile on my face. Josh stripped down to just the white jockstrap and got down on his knees in front of me. He leaned in and kissed me so deeply that I could feel the intensity with which he was into me. I repaid that intensity because it goes without saying that I was just as much into him. He slowly worked his lips and tongue down my chest and torso until his face was hovering over my rock hard cock. He looked up at me and, without breaking his gaze, slowly made my entire cock disappear down his throat. The view of this man on all fours, jockstrap-accentuated ass arched up, and sucking my cock like it was his first love was one of the most intense views I've ever had in my life. Josh is also uncut so he knows the spots on an uncut dick to really make my body shake uncontrollably. He also knew that my nipples are hardwired to my loins"so he began to rub them in the best way possible. You can physically see my body shaking while my eyes roll back in my head.Josh was absolutely full of surprises when he flipped upside down and positioned his ass in front of my face in a 69 position. His scent was all over that jockstrap and his hole tasted as delicious as I could have imagined it. All of my senses were in pleasure-mode to the maximum especially when Josh found the right angle to deep-throat my cock. When I felt his throat constrict down and his nose tickle my balls it sent me into overdrive. I also loved hearing the noises his throat was making as he was gagging and slobbering all over my dick. My curve must have hit the spot in his throat because he kept making gagging sounds that let me know he was choosing my dick over air"a sign of someone truly happy to be sucking dick.I absolutely had to get inside of this man. Josh's ass tasted so enticing and delicious. His throat had also put in so much work on my cock that I wanted to give it a break and let his ass do some of the work. His hole was so warm and wet from my tongue getting him ready to take my now rock-hard cock. He straddled my thighs and arched his ass up letting me know he was ready to take it nice and deep. With the spit still on my cock from Josh's throat and the spit from my tongue keeping his hole nice and wet"he slid his hold down the shaft all the way down to the balls. Josh began bouncing up and down on my cock with his massive legs. Feeling his weight bang down onto my cock was so intense and I could feel my cock teasing his second hole. Josh is such a talented rider. He was kissing me deep, riding my cock, and playing with my nipples that sent shock waves up and down my body causing it to shake uncontrollably. It was when he lifted himself up to get on his toes and really ride my curved cock that it sent waves of absolute pleasure all through my body. He was up and banging the entire weight of his ass down onto my cock. Our sexual rhythm flowed so well that whenever he wasn't banging his hole down onto my cock I was thrusting with all the power I could muster into banging my dick as deep as I could inside him. My balls were bouncing up against his ass too from the power of my thrust.Josh hopped off to lay on his back and expose his hole to me. I could see my work had paid off as his hole was nice and open and dripping precum and spit. I don't know what it is about a used hole that sends me into an even more intense mood to fuck. It's like I'm admiring my work with my tongue and tasting a hole that is even more eager to be used. Well whatever it is"it worked even more with Josh. I tasted every drop of precum dripping from his hole. His hole was pulsing with eagerness and basically was inviting me to get inside of him again. Josh knew how to hit every single thing I love about sex in one go. I slid inside of him with his ankles on my shoulders, him playing with my nipples, and sucking on his toes while I slid my cock in and out of him. It's like the hottest trifecta to me. I couldn't control myself. Having my cock inside of Josh and everything hitting all at once sent me into overdrive and I couldn't stop myself from cumming. I was fucking Josh so hard and with such an intensity where I could feel the head of my cock slamming into his second hole that massaged the head of my dick with each thrust. I could feel the cum welling up inside my balls and finally couldn't hold back. I fucked my load into Josh so hard and so deep. I kissed him so deep as the last pulses of cum shot inside of him while his hole milked out every last drop.In a fucking amazing turn of events"Josh decided he wanted a piece of my ass too. He rarely, if ever, flip fucks a guy, but I was that lucky guy that got to enjoy every bit of him. He bent me over the couch and started to get a taste of my sweaty ass. I'd definitely put in the work to cum so hard inside Josh that I had worked up quite the sweat on such a cold winter evening. He wasted no time getting inside of me to put his massive cock to work on my hole. My hole opened up so easily and quickly for him that he had no trouble getting right down to it and pounding the absolute fuck out of me. I think he wanted to take out on me what I did to him. He truly pinned me down, grabbed onto my hips, and fucked me with every ounce of muscle he could muster. I think fucking me that hard and heavy got Josh ready to cum the way I came inside him. He put me on my back the way he was before and pinned me down with my legs up. It was a continuous movement of my ass getting higher and higher and Josh thrusting deeper and deeper until finally he had my legs behind my head, pinned completely down, and his cock thrusting as deep as it will possibly go. It was at this point he knew I couldn't, and wouldn't, move until his load was fucked deep inside me. He did just that with full mounted thrusts down into my hole. The only things anchoring him were his toes, his cock deep inside me, and my legs holding onto his neck. He used that leverage to make full-body thrusts and fuck his cum deep past my second hole. His moans hit a fever pitch when he began thrusting even harder and I could feel his cock pumping his load inside me. My hole could feel every pulse of his cock as another spurt of cum went deep inside me over and over. Every bit of this video is so incredibly hot, but I have to say my favorite part is seeing Josh's cum drip out of my hole because it was so open and full of cum that I couldn't hold it in. Enjoy! @joshmoorexxx



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