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Manhattan Manhandlers, Part 2


Raw and Rough

Posted on April 26, 2012

The action continues in our Manhattan construction project. Marco Cruise, who has been working with us for years, has had a long standing desire to be fisted. We had tried, time and time again, to no avail, to fist Marco. He was determined to be fisted this time around. He loosened up with a few beers and showed up, only half expecting it to happen. The irrepressible Marco arrived on the set and was immediately thrown down onto the table. Within 5 minutes of his arrival, Zack Blunt and Ian Jay dumped juicy, creamy loads in Marco's hungry, booted bubble butt. The action is rough, intense, super high energy and verbal, with muscle pigs Jim Ferro and Randy Harden alternately pounding Marco's hole and holding him down against his vacillating and conflicted will. When the ass ripping gets too intense, Marco runs away, but is thrown back down and fucked silly time and time again. Jim Ferro orders Marco to take a fist and calls on boy Alejandro, with his small, talented hands, to break Marco's cherry. To witness and participate in the momentous occasion of a man taking his first fist bonded the cast in common purpose and the event was at once sexual, sensual and spiritual. The conflicting and sometimes incongruous feelings of gratitude, disbelief, pleasure and pain, and the new reality of Marco The Fisting Bottom, added to the heat and intensity. If you've taken a fist for the first time, you know how it is: you want it, you run away from the pain, but you can't help coming back for more because you intuit the pleasure that waits on the other side of the experience. That's exactly what happened, in addition to some more mega-hot breeding, pissing and hard ass pounding. This scene is over the top.



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