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Raw and Rough

Published on August 23, 2012

Dallas Chalmers and his white boy posse, Chane Adams and Bud, go to the Blake house to harass the new black family that moved into the neighborhood. Screaming racial slurs outside the Blake house, the white boys want the Blakes to "Get the fuck out and go back to Africa where you fuckin' belong." Bobby, Flex and Chris, three bad ass mother fuckin' huge muscular black Blakes, immediately head outside to deal with these punks. The Blakes seize control of the three white boys. Chane drinks Flex's huge load of man piss that he pisses into the dog dish. Chris adds his own stream and Chane reluctantly chugs it all down. Bobby immediately gets hold of that mouthy Dallas and uses the flogger to wail away on his face while instructing a subservient Dallas to kneel and suck his cock.


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