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Aarin's Initiation Part 1


Raw and Rough

Posted on April 21, 2015

Time to initiate a new pig into the Raw and Rough stable of pigs! This hot fucker is Aarin Asker and this is his first porn shoot. So we reached out to muscle daddy Shay Michaels to break him in correctly. Aarin is down on his knees begging to drink Shay's piss. Shay lets loose with a hard stream that finds Aarin's open mouth. This pig loves to drink piss and he swallowed every drop Shay had to give him. Fuck, we didn't even have to mop up afterward. This pig sucked it all down. After Aarin had a belly full of piss, he had to squirt some of his own. He jumped into the tub and started pissing. Once again, not wanting to waste a drop, he guzzled down his own piss. Shay grabs Aarin out of the tub, gets him against the wall, orders him on his knees and shoves his hard dick down Aarin's throat. Shay flips his new pig over and plows his ass. Aarin begs for more. So Shay attaches a spreader bar to Aarin's ankles and proceeds. Aarin begs for a little more. Shay pulls out the metal studded paddle and gives that cute furry ass a nice, hard spanking. As Aarin recovers, Shay kisses his back and neck... just to get him ready for part 2, where Aarin takes Shay's big fist up his ass.

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Aarin's Initiation Part 1 posted to Raw and Rough channel.



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