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Derek Kage

Posted on June 24, 2023

I had barely settled into my hotel in Torremolinos before I got a text from Jordanthe eager and excitable Brazilian with an ass that is more than a handful. I got a sense that he had been eagerly awaiting my arrival in Spain and was biding his time until I made it to the hotelbecause it was less than five minutes after texting me that he was at my hotel door with that brilliant, and excited, smile on his face.The word I would use to describe how Jordan went about the getting me on the bed was that he pounced on what he wanted. I still had all my travel clothes on as he pushed me back onto my bed. Jordan knew what he wanted and he was going to get it. We quickly worked our clothes off of each other. Jordan's ass is truly one I could bury my face into for hours; it's just so plump and inviting. Getting to feel his ass as he was straddling my waist made my loins ache with with a wonderful intensity. It's like my balls were already beginning to work up a heavy load for Jordanoh waitthat's exactly what they were doing.Clothes quickly came off and my cock magically found its way into Jordan's salivating mouth. He was on all fours so that delicious ass was arched up and begging me to play with it. My fingers found their way to his hole and teased him with little strokes and ass slaps before I grabbed the back of his head to face fuck him. It became more and more apparent that Jordan was beyond excited to have my cock in front of him. He became a ball of energy bouncing around from sucking my cock to kissing me back to sucking my cock. I had to pin him down just to get my mouth and tongue deep inside his ass. This turned out to be a brilliant move on my part because it made my precum begin to flow like crazy. I pinned his legs behind him to give me unfettered access to rim his hole and get the precum flowing even more.His hole was now completely covered with my spit and my mouth was still watering for more, but I could tell Jordan was hungry for my cock to be buried in his ass. His hungry hole was made even more apparent when I hopped up to grab some lube for his tight hole and he kept his legs up and hole exposed for me to see. He was being so good and I was going to reward him by being buried balls deep inside him. He kept his legs nice and open for me to easily slid inside of him. As I slid deep inside him I gave him a kiss that was just as deep. My curve worked its magic almost instantly. It wasn't even two minutes of being inside him that he started dripping cum out of his cock because I was hitting his prostate so good. He didn't even bat an eye at it and gave me that still-hungry look in his eye for me to keep going.I can honestly say I'm impressed with Jordan's dick-taking skillsand the smile that stays on his face the entire time. After fucking a load of cum out of him he hopped onto my dick and straddled my waist. I think he really enjoyed my curve slamming into his prostate as he rode my dick with a fierceness that can only be explained as being insatiably hungry to have his prostate milked as hard as possible. I was more than willing to make sure that he got exactly what he was craving because let's be real: he was giving me exactly what I wanted as well. What I wanted was to fuck the living hell out of this ball of muscle and energy until he couldn't either couldn't take it anymore or until he had an ass full of my cumor both.It was time for me to take control and let me tell you: I threw this little one around like he was my personal little plaything. Truth be told I think that's exactly what he was hoping for with me. The smile on his face got even bigger when I pushed his head down onto the bed and began to drill his ass from behind. This is one of my favorite positions. It just allows me to have perfect leverage for the deepest and hardest thrusting. That, and Jordan's ass is perfect for taking the brunt of those thrusts that allows me to bounce right back over and over again. I happily kept him in this position for as long as I could, but his delicious ass was getting me close to the point of no return.I wanted him to be looking right into my eyes as I flooded his hole with my cum. I flipped him onto his back, spread his legs open as far as they could go, put all my weight onto his chest, and slid my cock inside him for that final push to unload my balls deep inside of him. His moans grew so loud and heavy from this. It only had the effect of making me fuck him even harder to make him moan louderand it worked like a charm. My thrusts reached the hardest and heaviest point that I could manage. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the entire hotel heard us fucking. They most certainly did when Jordan and I both came at the same timewith my load flooding inside of him and his load shooting rope upon rope of cum onto his chest and stomach.We collapsed onto each other completely out of breath, covered in cum and sweat, and enjoyed another deep kiss. This is exactly how my trip to Spain needed to begin. It set the tone for the fun I knew I was going to have the rest of the trip.



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