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Raw and Rough

Published on February 23, 2012

The Euro pigs are back for another ass stretching, piss drenched fuck fest. David Novak gets his hairy hole stretched out by Matthieu Paris's big fist. Then the pigs get into a little medical play. Using a speculum to stretch David More's hole and keep it open so they can fill it with piss. David's ass gets so full of piss it overflows and Kike Garces greedily drinks that hot piss mixed with ass juice while he jerks on his hard cock. Jorge Ballantinos and Christian Herzog are not to be outdone by the rest of these pigs. The two get into a hard core fisting session where Christian Herzog takes Jorge's fist up to the elbow in a display of ass talent rarely seen on film. The action is fast and nonstop, so get your lube out and get ready to bust a nut to these Uncut Euro Pig Fuckers.


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